Research Paper On Terrorism

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Terrorism Essay Example We hope that our terrorism topics helped you to understand what to write about.

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Unfortunately, the theme of terrorism is now still very acute.

From the other hand, giving everyone complete freedom and privacy may lead to terrorists abusing these rights and using the privacy against the society.

The hard topic that also appears from time to time is: can terrorism be justified in some cases of dire need, if the alternative is way worse and the goal is worth it?According to the Washington Post, “most people have a strong tendency to evaluate political events in a highly biased manner.Instead of acting as truth-seekers and weighing new evidence objectively, we often react to events as ‘political fans,’ overvaluing any new information that seems to reinforce our preexisting views” (Somin).Another question that is inevitably raised during studying terrorism is the balance between personal space and private data and safety of the society.The governments may implement more and more strict laws using fighting the terrorists as cause, but it may lead to almost totalitarian regimes where the basic human rights of the citizens are suppressed.Such a tendency is beneficial for terrorist organizations as they are perceived by the population as more influential and numerous than they actually are.According to, about 18 million Muslim immigrants arrived in Europe.Loren Thompson, former Deputy Director of the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University, indicates five responses that are “likely to encourage further terrorist attacks: overreacting, blaming immigrants, adopting repressive measures, attacking the threat and its source, and turning to a strong leader.” As seen, the author claims the terrorist attacks to be the factor that also changes the political behavior of society.Thus, the population helps terrorists to achieve their goal and to cause global changes with the least effort.Thus, the first thing our society should focus on is the truthful and objective assessment of each terrorist act.We have to dig deeper in order to understand why extremists act this way and what makes them choose this way to spread their beliefs and convictions.


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