Research Paper On Autism And Early Intervention

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Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Abstract: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a lifelong condition that usually appears in late infancy or early childhood, and is characterized by social and communication deficits that impede optimal functioning.

Since autism can be seen as early as 18 months of age, children should be watched throughout their development for any warning signs of autism.

High-risk groups, such as children with siblings diagnosed with autism, should be watched even more closely by physicians and parents alike.

Autism is much more common in today’s society than parents might think.

Research Paper On Autism And Early Intervention Simple Essay Spm

With the numbers increasing annually, the Centers for Disease Control has stated that one out of every 68 children has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.Essentially, early detection can provide an autistic child with the potential for a better life.Parents of autistic children can learn early on how to help their child improve mentally, emotionally, and physically throughout the developmental stages with assistance from specialists and organizations like ASDF.Symptoms appear in the first 2 years of life and affect the individual’s ability to function socially, at school, at work, or in other areas of life.Although current treatments vary, most interventions focus on managing behavior and improving social and communication skills to enable optimal social functioning and independence.Keywords: autism spectrum disorder, ASD, early diagnosis, early intervention, parent–child relationship Introduction Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a group of neurodevelopmental conditions characterized by a wide range of symptoms, skills, and levels of disability.First described in the 1940s by Leo Kanner, autism was once considered to be a rare condition.Warning signs of autism include: Research has shown that early intervention can improve a child’s overall development.Children who receive autism-appropriate education and support at key developmental stages are more likely to gain essential social skills and react better in society.Some individuals with ASD are mildly impaired by their symptoms, whereas others are profoundly impaired.Although the heterogeneity in ASD is well-accepted, the range of ASD symptoms can be classified into broad categories of core symptoms and secondary symptoms.


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