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(Gandhi's civil disobedience, Mandela ends apartheid, Locke promotes life, liberty, and property rights in the Enlightenment) - Individuals who Challenged Tradition - Choose two people who challenged tradition and evaluate the success of their challenge.(Gandhi and civil disobedience, Martin Luther and the Reformation, Lenin and Russian Revolution) - Leaders who brought change - Discuss how two leaders came to power, one policy or practice of each leader, and how that policy affected the people.(Monsoons in India, Nile Floods, island isolation for Japan, Greek mountains separate each polis, ancient rivers).

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Choose one society before 1500 AD, and explain how it was influenced by a geographic feature.

(Mountains in Greece, Monsoons in Asia, Ganges River in India, Nile in Egypt, Fertile Crescent) Do the same for a people after 1500 AD.

Blank Teacher Planning Sheet for Enduring Issue (PDF Version)10.

Blank Teacher Planning Sheet for Enduring Issue (Word)9.

Your documents should be drowning in ink by the end of the hour! you need to do the following: Have a logical and clear plan of organization. The number of paragraphs is usually determined by the amount of bullets in the question. That's a paragraph per religion for each bullet (or square on the above chart).

Also, have an introduction and conclusion that doesn't just restate the theme. But usually, if they ask for two religions as shown above, a body paragraph for each religion will do. Does that mean you can't get a good grade with 2 body paragraphs? According to the state standard, you can get a 5 if you have very good organization, you analyze and answer all parts thoroughly, and include a lot of facts, examples, and details.(Hitler gains land, or living space, British imperialism for resources, Japan invades China for resources).- choose two geographic conditions and show how they influenced social, political, and/or economic history of a country or region.(Gorbachev and Glasnost/Perestroika, Napoleon's Code, William and Mary's Glorious Revolution and Bill of Rights) - Collapse of Governments.Choose 2 government collapses and explain their circumstances and results.Perhaps, you can even create new information based upon your knowledge. Explain what led to the migrations, and how each migration impacted a society and/or region.The video on Enduring Issues Essays was updated in May 2017 Note: The video file can be downloaded from Vimeo. Simply follow the Vimeo link and click "Download" underneath the video. Let's assume you have the following part of a question: "The fertile crescent of Mesopotamia was between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. So Greece, Rome, or Ancient China could work in that case. Also, England's natural harbors allowed the Industrial Revolution to start there.As for Babylon, King Hammurabi had a code of laws which applied to everyone, though it punished people different depending on class. For instance, if the essay is on "Revolutions," then choose what you can write the most on. When in doubt, Gandhi and Locke are easy to write about. The atomic bomb, Sputnik, or gunpowder are topics that fit this theme. My recommendation would be to first scan the document. The heliocentric model of Nicolaus Copernicus was an important contribution of the Scientific Revolution of the sixteenth century.


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