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It’s worth mentioning in a violence essay introduction that using firearms is not an easy question in the US.For Americans, constitutional rights are sacrosanct. The second amendment to the basic law came into force immediately after the attainment of the independence by the US.

In their opinion, if schoolchildren and teachers were prepared, they could confront the murderer.

Many people consider this point of view unacceptable. A school violence research paper is a perfect chance to express your opinion. People kill" - this is the slogan of supporters of free possession of firearms in the United States. The widespread use of guns does not necessarily lead to a large number of murders.

Among the 17 victims, 12 people were killed inside the school, three more - outside the building, two died in the hospital.

Immediately after the arrest of the gunman, the police began to study his social networks and found a lot of things which caused concern.

This is a complex conflict requiring detailed analysis in a persuasive essay on should guns be allowed on campus.

Some people were outraged by the fact that Nikolas Cruz was able to legally acquire AR-15 rifle worth 0. In Florida and other states, protests were held demanding to tighten control over the circulation of guns to prevent risks of future tragedies.The head of the White House preferred not to touch upon the topic of firearms.It was noted in media that he is more concerned about the safety of his key supporters - the owners of weapons and not about schoolchildren.The incident in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which occurred on February 14, 2018, is not like many other tragedies of this kind.The criminal was detained alive, testified and cooperated with the investigation. The fact that the 19-year-old assassin, Nikolas Cruz, repeatedly demonstrated antisocial behavior is unprecedented.Their participants opposed President Trump and the National Rifle Association of America (NRA), which unites manufacturers of firearms.As Trump said, the main reasons for the tragedy are attacker's "mental problems".Children joked that if someone could attack a school, it will be Nikolas.The mathematics teacher in whose class the boy studied in 2016 said that Cruz was "quiet" and "problem-free".Since the beginning of this year, several cases of armed attacks resulting in injuries and deaths happened in American schools.According to statistics from Washington Post, starting from the massacre at Columbine, more than 150,000 primary and senior students from 170 schools have witnessed murders or became victims of shooting in school.


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