Raskolnikov Essay

Sonya, throughout the story had a great affect on Raskolnikov’s changes.In the novel, Crime and Punishment by Fyoder Dostoevsky, this can be seen from all the things Sonya had done for Raskolnikov and what affect the cold person turned loving.

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Sonya, being extremely religious, believes that everyone deserves a second chance.

Sonya then shows Raskolnikov how to be forgiven in God’s eyes.

After getting to know the main character, it appears to me, that the real reason behind his violent crime is to verify that he belongs to the “extraordinary” category.

If he manages to stay composed and avoid punishment for his crime, it will suggest that the standard laws do not apply to him, and thus, he is of the “extraordinary” kind.

Dostoevsky manages to provide the reader with a very well rounded portrayal of the complex psychological and mental state of the criminal’s mind, by taking us through his actions, his interactions with other people and his inner monologues and rants during his frantic walks in the streets of St Petersburg.

Raskolnikov Essay

From the way I construed the novel, the main struggle that Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov—the protagonist—faces, is his rebuttal to relate to people.

As a result, I developed a mindset that doomed any sort of emotional display as a contemptible sign of weakness and immaturity.

According to that mindset, if I wanted to become a decent and composed individual, I would have to get a hold of—or even eliminate—my own emotions.

Therefore, he falls a victim of what he has been struggling to distance himself from; his own emotions.

Initially, his failure to establish himself in the same category as Napoleon shatters his confidence, and he seems completely resigned from his life.


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