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The first of the two full-length works which Hansberry lived to complete, the play is one of the most widely known literary creations by a black American.

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Walter and Mama share their cramped apartment with Walter’s sister Beneatha, his wife, Ruth, and their son, Travis.

Walter works as a chauffeur and Ruth does domestic chores for rich, white families....

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In this light, one can make a case for the work to be comedic in that the Younger family's struggles are validated, and much like the plant, they will grow.

Yet, there can be a tragic condition offered in that there are many more families that do not experience the success of the Youngers.

The notion of upward mobility is something that is examined as a part of the American Dream and what it means to be "successful." The Younger family is unique in that their idea of accomplishing the American Dream of moving into Clybourne Park is also concurrent with them becoming more close as a family.

The play forces us to ponder the flip side to this equation.

After Walter makes the conflict worse by accepting money from a representative of the white neighborhood for not moving there, he changes his mind, realizing he would be sacrificing his manhood. Treats the origin and development of the black drama—its structure, themes, innovations, and impact—from its nineteenth century beginnings through Hansberry. Examines the ways in which Hansberry’s activist philosophy and rebellious attitude influence her work, especially in terms of themes and character development.

The problems which might have destroyed the Youngers have unified them, made them stronger as individuals and as a family because they have gained self-knowledge and learned to love one another more.


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