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Racial projects arrange racial meaning discursively and social practices materially and work by circulating such meanings throughout our commonsense understandings and experiences of everyday life (Perry 2011).

Knowledge of race ranges across several fronts simultaneously.

For example, in the media the truth of race works through the proliferation and hypervisibility of racial difference as multiculturalism while genomic science uses powerful statistical procedures to identify and group populations who share genetic information.

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century decolonial wars, movements for national liberation, and global struggles for civil and legal recognition by people of color around the world some of the most brutal, exploitative, and violent racial projects designed to exploit land and labor in order to shore up racial capitalism.

By the mid- to late twentieth century, these critical movements produced new subjects of history and knowledge about those subjects produced by those subjects.

This includes the procedure to determine results and how the procedure and results were measured.

Next, we talk about the results/findings, using tables that are based on our measurements.We also seek to determine the role of journalists/newscasters in media representation, how are they represented?Additionally, we intend to find out what certain characteristics of the news suggest about representation.Constructionism provides an indispensable critical beginning (rather than endpoint) for thinking about the nature of racial knowledge taking shape today.Nineteenth- and twentieth-century racial projects depended on social and cultural inventions as well as moral rationalizations that made racial difference the basis of classification, value, knowledge, and political practices that enforced racial distinctions by intimidation, violence, and terror.Today more than ever, news media is an important tool in society since many people¡¯s opinions and mindsets are formed based on what they receive from the news media.Therefore, ethnic/racial group representation is an important feature of the news media because it can affect the way that certain groups are perceived.These shifts in racial knowledge invite media, race, and cultural studies scholars to develop new critical analytics to identify, document, and assess the workings of race in the academy, science, law, and media.I offer aspects of my research on racial projects as a modest illustration.This mutuality stresses differential access by race to resources, forms of state-sanctioned domination (including violence and more benign forms of social terror), and attendant cultural forms and psychological stress for different populations.Racial projects are dynamic exercises of power that produce, organize, and distribute racial and ethnic groupings of populations according to socially valued attributes arranged hierarchically.


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