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The process of composing a research paper is a long and involved undertaking, and it all starts with finding the right topic and research question.As a written work that could potentially be studied by future researchers, the paper you write will need a topic that is both sound and relevant in order to meet the full objective at hand.If more than half of the topics are related to a specific area of study, it probably means that you gravitate towards that area, in which case you should discard the other possibilities.

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If you are coming to the topic with a fair amount of pre-existing knowledge, you could probably come up with some of your own research questions right off the bat.

For instance, if you have been assigned to write about some aspect of domestic life during the American Colonial Period, you could start by drawing upon what you know already about domestic life.

In other instances, your professor might give you a loosely defined range of topic types, but leave it to you to find an appropriate topic.

If this is the case, you should check with your professor to make sure that the objective is fully understood in advance of getting started on your work.

If you need to familiarize yourself with a topic further before getting underway with your work, it would be wise to do a quick read-up on the topic on Wikipedia.

Though it cannot be used as a source in your research paper, a Wiki page could still give you a clearer idea of a topic and help you decide whether you would want to make it the basis for your assignment.From that list of questions, pick your favorite one that is both focused and flexible.A quick count of the sources available for your research can help you gauge whether your question is too general, too limited or just right.For instance, you might have more interest in the topic of involuntary celibacy than you do about North Korean labor camps, but you are likely to find more research sources devoted to the latter topic.Depending on the word-count or page requirements of your assignment, an abundance of resources could have a huge impact on your ability to undertake the workload.You could even browse the links section at the bottom of any given Wiki page for dozens of links—many of them credible—that you could then visit for further information and sources.When you set about composing a research paper, it is crucial to have questions to use that would spark your interest and provide a clear cut direction for your assignment.In many instances, your professor will give you a list of topics to choose from for your research paper.Since all of these topics are bound to offer plenty of sources for research, your best option in this case is to choose the topic most familiar to you.For instance, if your intended field of study is music theory, doing a research paper on the twelve-tone technique could be useful because it would cover an intricate yet controversial area of 20th century classical music.Another thing to consider here is the amount of resources available on a given topic.


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