Psychological Egoism And Ethical Egoism Essay

Psychological Egoism And Ethical Egoism Essay-57
Ethical egoism says they should only care about their self-interest.

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There is, after all, a chance you will get caught and end up in prison.

Or maybe some God will send you to Hell for murder.

For example, most ethical egoists will attempt to stop smoking because they recognize smoking is not in their long term self-interest and is therefore bad.

Ethical Egoism does not support doing whatever you feel, rather it encourages you to follow your objective and rational self-interest. For example, most ethical egoists will judge the murderer as wrong because it is rarely in one’s long term self-interest to murder.

If an ethical egoist counters that their “self” includes their grandchildren, notice how the meaning of “self” has been greatly inflated to meet the posterity objection.

If one allows this inflated definition of self, the theory is now closer to utilitarianism than ethical egoism.

This is a problem for EE because, according to EE, it should be good because it is in your self-interest.

So, the existence of even one self-interested act that you think bad proves that ethical egoism is not the whole of your moral story, it does not explain all of your moral beliefs.

As we will see later, this may be a problem for EE. Individual ethical egoism is the idea everyone ought to serve my interests.

An act is good only if it benefits me, and morality dies when I die.


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