Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

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The word extended over other Spanish-speaking countries, and then appeared in English and other languages. The same dictionary says that the term "marijuana" came into the use in English language at the end of the 19th century. Narcotic - cannabis is received from hemp of the sort Sativa or Cannabis indica.The word marijuana consists of the words "Maria" and "Juana". The plant is congenerous to hop (Humulus lupulus) and a neetle (Urtica gen.). As the recreational narcotic, cannabis can be used in various forms, including: • dried-up plant (grass) • pitches • powder • oils It is a sensitive issue for the discussions which last not years, but the whole centuries.

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Legalization and prohibition of marijuana in some countries complicates the solution of this question even more.

Some governments want to legalize this medicine for use only in the medical purposes whereas others want to legalize it only for entertainment.

Patients ill with cancer for their treatment won't need to go to the states in which marijuana is resolved, it will improve their life and will allow feeling better.

As marijuana has a bad brand, many patients will not buy and use it because of the fear.

Legalization of marijuana will fix this dangerous problem. Economy of legal costs Every day policemen arrest hundreds people for using or possession of marijuana that leads to overfilling of courts and excessive legal costs.

Legalization of marijuana will help legal costs and will give to judges the chance to be engaged closely in more important legal cases. Release of the crowded prisons Our prisons are overflowed by the prisoners arrested because of marijuana.Legalization of marijuana will allow to improve the income of your country and to help its citizens. As the fact that marijuana isn't legalized, it is almost impossible to conduct the big population researches confirming harm of the hemp use. Marijuana, as a rule, is the first step on the way to other, stronger drugs.All the argument you have just read should be mentioned, if you are writing a marijuana legalization persuasive essay. Several researches during the last years have shown that the long use of marijuana increases risk of development of serious mental diseases, such as schizophrenia (psychosis) and depressions. A significant amount of heroin or cocaine addicts began their way with marijuana. It was proved that people within three hours after smoking marijuana have much higher risk to have an accident, driving a car.Legalization of marijuana will allow going safely with marijuana without any worries. The right to decide has to belong to the person, but not the state.If actions of the person don't make harm to other people, then the government shouldn't order him - to do something or not. Marijuana is safer than vodka, beer and other terrible drugs Alcohol intake and prescription of drugs claims every year more than 200000 lives whereas marijuana is safe in use, its reception won't kill you.Not it is a big issue, because smoking cannabis has pros and cons.And as a result, many students and pupils constantly get tasks to write essays on marijuana. When people speak about such drugs as marijuana and cannabis, they mean the same medicine.Besides, legalization of marijuana will let sick people to buy and use it freely for the medical purposes without going on different tricks.The advantage of marijuana in improvement of health was proved not only at patients with hard cancer. Quieter travel If the person lives in the state in which marijuana is allowed for use in the medical or entertaining purposes, he won't be afraid of arrest until he goes to other countries.Marijuana can become harmful only if excessive use takes place. Legal sale can help youth Marijuana is used by more than 25 million people annually and this quantity grows every year, in particular, growth among teenagers and youth is noticed.Illegally buying marijuana teenagers can get access to more harmful and forbidden drugs.


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