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If I give you three numbers, The advantage to solving it without code first is that 1) it gives you fragments and solvable pieces to build your code, 2) it proves your solution works, and 3) it shows the interviewer that you do actually know how to solve the problem, which gives you some points in their book, even if you can't code it in time.It also shows the interviewer that you can hold a good conversation, solving a problem out loud.

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Follow these steps and it should help reduce nervousness, maintain focus, and impress the interviewer.

Once you receive the question, it is purposely going to be very vague.

The advantage to this approach might become more clear with a basic sorting problem.

Pretend like you don't know anything about coding or computers.

They'll give you something like the following: they want us to solve it, so you should always clarify the question.

This is when you want to think of edge cases, the general case, formatting, what are your inputs versus expected outputs...stuff like that. Now that our solution has a scope and some more meaning to it, we should come up with some useful example inputs to the problem.

I was fortunate enough through the end of high school and into college that I had enough experience to in an interview.

My first year, I landed interviews with Facebook, Google, Digital Ocean, and more, but I didn't get past the second (technical) round for any of them...

I was frustrated, because I was never good at explaining my thought process on the technical problems they gave...until it dawned on me that I was overthinking everything and didn't go into the interview with any strategy.

The steps below have helped me numerous times and I can attest to their ability to aid in landing that big job or internship! The interviewer will give you whatever technical question they have in mind.


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