Problem Solving For Toddlers

Try this at home by offering encouragement after your child struggles. Slow down and step back One comment I’ve heard many times as a teacher is, “I didn’t know he could do that, he never does that at home!

If he tries to build a new Lego set and can’t quite do it, you could say something like, “That’s a really tricky one. ” This could be referring to putting on his own shoes, packing up his own lunch, or cleaning up spilled juice.

Provide resources before answers More than ever before, we have the answers to many of children’s questions at our fingertips. If a child at school asked me what lions eat, I would help him find a book about lions rather than just telling him.

If you don’t have the necessary resource at home, you could visit the library, or simply involve your child in the research process on the computer.

Next time your child is struggling at home, try starting with the minimum amount of support and increase as necessary.

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The goal is to walk the line between doing everything for a child and letting him get so frustrated he doesn’t want to try.Christina is a Montessori teacher for 3-6 year olds, certified by the American Montessori Society.She currently stays home to take care of her son, James.Watch your child and give her opportunities for challenging tasks at home.That might be a puzzle with a few more pieces than she’s used to or buttoning her own jacket.Children encounter tons of “little” problems each day—each of them a possible moment for exploration and creativity!Remember that though the problems seem little to us, they can be big deals for kids.In a situation like this, I might say, “You seem upset about that big spill. Try this at home next time you hear the familiar refrain of “I can’t do it! Answer with a question Sometimes it seems like a child asks a thousand questions in a single day.” For example, if your child is struggling with his shoes, try, “You can’t get your shoe on because the Velcro is closed. Curiosity is a beautiful thing, but you don’t always have to give the answer.Try these tricks at home to help your child build his identity as a problem solver.Confidence and the willingness to try go a long way.


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