Problem Solving Brain Teasers

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Soon the bellhop brings up their bags and gives the lawyers back $5 because the hotel was having a special discount that weekend. The Merchant A merchant can place 8 large boxes or 10 small boxes into a carton for shipping. If there are more large boxes than small boxes, how many cartons did he ship?

So the three lawyers decide to each keep one of the $5 dollars and to give the bellhop a $2 tip. Another way to think about the answer to this riddle is to just pretend that the bellhop refunded $3 to the lawyers (rather than giving them $5 and receiving $2 back). Crossing the River A farmer is trying to cross a river. If you add up the children's ages, the sum is the number on the house next door.

Or, should you stick with your first choice (door #2)? Now, for her very first jump, she goes $$ \frac 1 2 $$ of a foot.

On her second jump, she goes $$ \frac 1 4 $$ of a foot, and so on and so forth.

However, when they sat down to tally up their expenses for the weekend the could not explain the following details: Each one of them had originally paid $10 (towards the initial $30), then each got back $1 which meant that they each paid $9. HOWEVER, 3 • $9 $2 = $29 The guys couldn't figure out what happened to the other dollar. He is taking with him a rabbit, carrots and a fox, and he has a small raft. He goes next door and looks at the house number and says this is still not enough information.

After all, the three paid out but could only account for . There are many ways of explaining/thinking about this truly brain bending riddle! He can only bring 1 item a time across the river because his raft can only fit either the rabbit, the carrots or the fox. Three Brothers on a Farm Three brothers live in a farm. Answer: Ben 25, Adam 5 The Insurance Salesman An insurance salesman walk up to house and knocks on the door. So she says she'll give him one last hint which is that her oldest of the 3 plays piano.Now, if you correctly pick the car, you win the car ! The question and the riddle is : should you switch the door that you picked?Otherwise, if you get one of the 2 goats, you don't get the car. It doesn't matter which one, but we will suppose that you picked door #2, as an example. In other words, in this example, should you now choose door 3? What digit is the most frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000 (inclusive)?To solve this riddle you don't want to manually do all of the math but rather try to figure out a pattern.0 is the least common digit even though 1,000 has three zero's !Explanations for both riddles The digits 0 through 9 all follow the same pattern there is exactly 1 occurrence of each digit for every ten numbers.In the end, the tortoise convinced Achilles that he could not win the race because although he would be getting closer and closer, he would still always be covering smaller and smaller fractions of the total distance between the two. To read this riddle in a modern narrative form click here.You might be more familiar with seeing brain teasers in the end pages of a newspaper, but some industries also use them as part of the interview process.Therefore, Achilles would always be covering a fraction of the distance between the two.Let's say he covered half of the distance in 1 second (5 feet) and then in the next he covered half of the new distance, the remaining 5 feet plus the Tortoise's new distance.


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