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In contexts such as historical writing, it is almost always advisable to use primary sources and that "if none are available, it is only with great caution that [the author] may proceed to make use of secondary sources." as a way to trace the history of historical ideas, they have been applied to many other fields.

In a broader sense primary sources also include artifacts like photographs, newsreels, coins, paintings or buildings created at the time.Some digital copies of primary sources are available from the National Archives of Scotland.Many County Record Offices collections are included in Access to Archives, while others have their own on-line catalogues.Many County Record Offices will supply digital copies of documents.In other regions, Europeana has digitized materials from across Europe while the World Digital Library and Flickr Commons have items from all over the world. Most primary source materials are not digitized and may only be represented online with a record or finding aid.In the study of history as an academic discipline, a primary source (also called an original source) is an artifact, document, diary, manuscript, autobiography, recording, or any other source of information that was created at the time under study.It serves as an original source of information about the topic.For example, the Huntington Library in California houses a large number of documents from the United Kingdom.In the US, digital copies of primary sources can be retrieved from a number of places.The Internet Archive also has primary source materials in many formats.In the UK, the National Archives provides a consolidated search of its own catalogue and a wide variety of other archives listed on the Access to Archives index.


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