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Subheadings are mini versions of headings meant to break up content within each individual section and capture the attention of your readers to keep them moving down the page.

In fact, we’re using subheaders right now in this section for that very purpose!

Here’s some easy formatting tips to help you do just that.

If your margins are too narrow, it makes the page look super cluttered and more difficult to read.

Avoid script-style or jarring fonts that distract from the actual content.

Modern, sans-serif fonts like Helvetica, Arial, and Proxima Nova are a good way to go.A good rule of thumb is sticking to standard one-inch margins all around.Your business plan is made up of several key sections, like chapters in a book. Now you need to write an equally killer business plan.You fire up your computer, open a Google doc, and stare at the blank page for several minutes before it suddenly dawns on you that, And you certainly wouldn’t be the first!You might be a prodigy in quantum mechanics, but if you show up to your interview rocking cargo shorts and lime green Crocs, you can probably guess what the hiring manager is going to notice first.In the same way, you present your business plan to your readers equally as important as what you present to them.Keep your body copy between 11 and 12-point font size to ensure readability (some fonts are more squint-inducing than others).You can offset your headings from your body copy by simply upping the font size and by bolding your subheadings.Limit your plan to two typefaces (one for headings and one for body copy and subheadings, for example) that you can find in a standard text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.Only pick fonts that are easy to read and contain both capital and lowercase letters.


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