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Magically, the squash takes the form of Hunahpu's features, and he can hear and speak.The twins appear at the ballcourt at dawn as if nothing had happened.Twin hero gods of Mayan mythology, Hunahpu and Xbalanque played a memorable baseball game in Hell.

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Their father and uncle, the previous generation of twins, also went down to the underworld to play ball and were roundly defeated, outfoxed, and then slain by the death gods.

Here's the story of how the young twins avenge their ancestors' defeat, according to "Aztec and Maya Myths" by Karl Taube. The lords of Xibalba (Hell) are infuriated by the incessant pounding above their heads and send their owls to summon the twins to the underworld.

(For example: the rule of law, sources of political authority, religious beliefs, social relationships, gender values, etc.) Compare and contrast them in terms of the issue they have in common. The Rig Veda and Popol Vuh describe the creation of the world differently, especially the creation of human beings, because the Aryans and Mayans had differing views of the relationship between human beings and the universe, the role of religion in society, and the social structure of their societies.

Creation stories are common to many cultures throughout world history and are often important works in the areas of religion, literature, and philosophy.

Common to many ancient cultures was the belief that supernatural beings took action to create the physical universe and also laid out the pattern for human society to follow.

Two creation stories, that found in the Rig Veda from ancient , show two similar beliefs in the power of gods to shape the universe.

Some creatures present rotten things, others offer leaves and grass.

Finally, the coati arrives with a large squash, and Xbalanque places it against the severed neck of Hunahpu like a new head.

Finally they are sent to the House of Bats, a room filled with fierce, knife-nosed bats.

The twins hide inside their hollow blow-guns, but Hunahpu peeks out to see if dawn is approaching, and at that moment the killer bat Camazotz snatches off his head.


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