Planning Your Phd Thesis

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Speak with Professionals If you are networking properly, you will likely meet hundreds of industry professionals.

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You can’t start the process of writing up too early.

If you've structured your work towards this ultimate goal from day one, it is a much less daunting task.

When you are writing your Ph D thesis, it is easy to dream about what life is going to be like after you graduate.

You may be thinking about the type of job you would like, or considering the academic opportunities that will be available to you.

Start Planning for The Future There is no better time than the present to begin mapping out some milestones for the future.

Think about the different goals you want to accomplish as you move through graduate school.Consider where you want to be one, three, and five years from now. Planning your post-degree ambitions will also give you chance to discuss any requirements with your Ph D supervisor and help you think about any skill sets you need to build on before you graduate.Talk to Those Who Came Before You Another thing you may want to consider is speaking with alumni of your university to see what their lives are like post-graduation.Although a presentation is not required of every thesis or dissertation student, it is usually a necessary aspect of the final examination for doctoral candidates and for many students working on a master’s degree as well.This presentation tends to be quite brief – aiming for about fifteen minutes is a good idea in most cases – but it can vary considerably among universities, departments and disciplines, so do find out exactly how long your presentation should be before you begin planning it.In most cases, however, introducing the research project and reflecting on its significance are sound strategies.Briefly describing the topic, problem or phenomenon you have investigated is therefore an excellent start, and this can be followed by outlining your most important research questions, hypotheses and objectives, explaining any particularly innovative methodologies you may have used, emphasising the reliability and acknowledging the limitations of your approach, and highlighting your most significant results and discoveries along with their implications.Begin Networking Now No matter how early on you are in your doctorate degree, you can never begin networking too soon.Even if you are not actively job searching, it will benefit you immensely to make contact with others who may be able to help in the future.Building a network whilst you are still a Ph D student demonstrates that you have a genuine interest in what others are doing without the stress of searching for a position.You can learn about the different career paths in your industry whilst building your professional network.


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