Physician Assisted Suicide Thesis Statements

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Perhaps the paper will make an argument that mercy killing is only morally justifiable in certain instances.The thesis could also argue for or against making it legal and therefore subject to government oversight.

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You should then state your main argument clearly and concisely.

There are a number of ways that a person could go in an essay on mercy killing.

If you passionately believe in your thesis and argument, then that tone tends to come through in the writing later.

Another thing to consider before writing the thesis is who your audience or reader is.

If your reader is likely to agree with one thesis over another possible thesis, then I recommend choosing the thesis that your reader is going to have positive feelings about.

Most readers will lean toward thinking a thesis that falls in line with their beliefs is better than a thesis that doesn't fall in line.The paper would discuss the validity of those arguments all while preparing the reader for the better argument which is your own.For example: "Although mercy killing may seem like a merciful thing to do, the harmful effects it has on those around the deceased make mercy killing something that should not be done."To write a good thesis statement, you must first know what it is you want to argue in your essay.Such a fate need not be; better deaths are possible now.This is not to claim that dying and death can be made easy, although certain illnesses tend to bring less-difficult deaths than others; nor is it to suggest that caring well for those approaching death can be made an exact science or flawless art.This, again, is a definitional matter but an important one.A doctor deciding to kill someone without that person's consent would be a murderer.A patient making a decision about her own end-of-life care is not harming anyone else, but legitimately exercising her own freedom of choice about her own life. It's also going to make an argument that the paper intends to prove.Beyond that, a good thesis is generally something that you, the writer, believe in.It has pointed to steps that can improve care at the end of life and sustain improvements through difficult times.It has also highlighted the reasons for believing that professionals, policymakers, and the public are ready to support such steps.


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