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An example of the completed planning sheet was done in a shared activity.Motivate your students with the wide variety of photographs and writing prompts in this delightful book by award-winning photographer and former English teacher Hank Kellner.However, if you know how to look, you can find human-interest stories that are inspiring. I’m not very good at this, but at times in my life I’ve tried keeping a dream journal by my bedside and writing down what I can remember when I wake up. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or something you write in every day. You’ll end up with a lot of garbage, probably, but it’ll help you get out of your rut and you might just write some really good stuff among all that garbage.27. Similar to freewriting, but instead of writing prose you’re writing ideas. Just browse through to find some wonderful inspiration.29. Get out of your rut to see things from a new perspective.

There is no writer more deserving of our study and more inspirational to other writers.25.

A set of colourful and detailed images to be used as stimuli for descriptive writing.

I can’t say I’m an expert at any of these religions, but I can say that any time I’ve spent reading the ideas of religion have paid off for me in inspiration.19. I used to be a newspaper reporter and editor, and I’ve become jaded to newspapers. If fine paintings and sculpture inspire you to greater heights, photography of some of the most talented people in the world can show what everyday humans can do if they try.

The news seems like an endless cycle of the same thing, happening over and over again. Within this brainstorm of ideas, you’ll most likely find a few nuggets of greatness. I like, a real wealthy of amazing photography. Go to a busy public place and just sit and watch people.

Every writer needs to find inspiration in order to produce inspired writing. If I’m anywhere public, whether it be at a park or a mall or my workplace, sometimes I’ll eavesdrop on people.

And sometimes, it can come from the unlikeliest sources. I read writers I love (read about my current loves) and then I steal from them, analyze their writing, get inspired by their greatness. If you normally read just a couple of your favorite authors, try branching out into something different. Not in a gross way or anything, but I’ll just keep quiet, and listen. Sometimes it doesn’t happen on purpose — you can’t help but overhear people sometimes.I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite ways of finding inspiration — some of them obvious, some of them less so. Aside from this blog, there are dozens of great blogs on writing and every topic under the sun. If you happen to overhear a snippet of interesting dialog, jot it down in your writing journal as soon as possible.But it’s always good to have reminders, and if you haven’t used a few of these sources of inspiration in awhile (or ever), give them a go.1. I like to read about what works for others — it inspires me to action! It can serve as a model or inspiration for later writing.4. Good magazines aren’t always filled with great writing, but you can usually find one good piece of either fiction or non-fiction.(Edit: I had “diversity” instead of “adversity” here and have now corrected … Write down thoughts and inspirations and quotes and snippets of good writing you find and pieces of dialog and plot ideas and new characters. If you usually get up, get ready for work, and leave, try exercising in the morning or watching the sunrise. Then go back to this journal when you need ideas or inspiration.22. This popular bookmarking site is a treasure trove of great articles and blog posts and resources. He’s not the only playwright, of course, but he’s undoubtedly the greatest, and the greatest master of the English language as well. If you usually watch TV at the end of the day, try reading or writing instead. The work of the other writers inspired me to do better.11. I like to go to various quote sites to find ideas to spark my writing, turns of phrase that show what can be done with the language, motivation for self-improvement. Appreciate the beauty around you, and let the inspiration flow through you.Try these for a start: Writing Quotes and Quotes for Writers.13. Sunsets and sunrises, of course, are two of my favorite uplifting scenes of nature, and anything involving water is also awesome (oceans, rivers, lakes, rain, rivulets, even puddles).14. It can be unexpected, but great people in history can inspire you to greatness.I don’t do this much, but sometimes I’ll browse through these links to find examples of great writing by others. Through its beauty and flow and style and use of rhythm and play on words. While his writing can be difficult for those not used to the language of his time, a study of even one of his plays pays off immensely. I’ll just search for the topic I’m writing about and find tons of great resources.26. One of the best ways to get unstuck if you’re uninspired. While you shouldn’t steal these ideas, you can often adapt them to your particular blog topic, or use the ideas to spark new ones of your own.23. The Bard wrote beautifully, used the largest vocabulary of any English writer, invented his own words, made up interesting phrases that are used to this day, had more puns and twists of words than any writer I know. Still, those ideas can be beautiful and inspiring in and of themselves. I’m not saying you have to read a wide array of forums every day, but if you’re looking for information, trawling some good forums isn’t a bad idea.7. For the writer aspiring to greater heights, there is no better inspiration that great art, in my experience.While it doesn’t compare to the experience of seeing the art in person, I like to find inspiring works of art and put it on my computer desktop for contemplation (Michelangelo’s Pieta is there right now).


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