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The following are recently completed Ph D dissertations and MA/MA Applied Linguistics theses, as well as MILR projects and theses.

The following are recently completed Ph D dissertations and MA/MA Applied Linguistics theses, as well as MILR projects and theses.You can access any of these UVic's Research and Learning repository (UVic Space). Preliminary Study of the Role of Eye Contact, Gestures, and Smiles Produced by Chinese-as-a-First-Language Test-Takers on Ratings Assigned by English-as-a-First-Language Examiners During IELTS Speaking Tests.

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Pakjira Leelertphan: A comparison of genre and discourse of Thai and New Zealand hotel home pages.

Shota Mukai: Needs analysis for the development of academic speech skills.

Exploring Mandarin-speaking English-as-an-Additional-Language graduate students' academic reading strategies in three reading modes: paper, e-reading without hypertext, and e-reading with embedded hypertext.

in linguistics from our department and are not listed here, or if you would like to have a link to your personal webpage and/or dissertation added to your listing, please contact Peter Lasersohn.

Rania Za'rour: The acquisition of variation: Arab Migrants' acquisition of (ING) and Coronal Stop Deletion in Wellington.

Oliver Ballance: An experimental design perspective on the affordances of concordances: Exploring the affordances of concordances from a language learning perspective.Bergmann PDF The function of phrasal verbs and their lexical counterparts in technical manuals, Brock Brady PDF The importance of phonological practice and other strategies for vocabulary recall and comprehension, Kristi Allyn Du Bois PDF A study of the perceptual learning style preferences of Japanese students, Elizabeth Ann Hoffner PDF Analysis of English articles used by Japanese students, Noriko Iwasaki PDF An investigation of English spelling problems of Arabic-speaking students, Deborah Georgette Keim PDF Patterns of rhetoric/patterns of culture : a look at the English writing of Japanese students, Suzanne Raschke PDF Effects of setting on Japanese ESL students' interaction patterns, Noriko Yamamoto PDF An evaluation of the academic success of students who participated in the English for non-native residents program at Portland State University, Linda Carol Andrews Dunn PDF Cross-cultural differences in written discourse patterns : a study of acceptability of Japanese expository compositions in American universities, Hiroko Kitano PDF Study of referential and display questions and their responses in adult ESL reading classes, Susan Lindenmeyer PDF Phrasal verbs in academic lectures, Robert D.Shih Min Loo: Investigating face-to-face and computer-mediated out-of-class collaboration in an English for Technical Writing course in Malaysia.Douglas Meyer: Testing English as an international language.Chi Duc Nguyen: Fostering incidental vocabulary uptake from audio-visual materials: The role of text comprehension.Arianna Morgan PDF A Comparison of Linguistic Features in the Academic Writing of Advanced English Language Learner and English First Language University Students, Margo K.Russell PDF The First Year: Development of Preservice Teacher Beliefs About Teaching and Learning During Year One of an MA TESOL Program, Emily Spady Addiego PDF L1 Influence on L2 Intonation in Russian Speakers of English, Christiane Fleur Crosby PDF English Loan Words in Japanese: Exploring Comprehension and Register, Naoko Horikawa PDF The Role of Expectations on Nonnative English Speaking Students' Wrtiting, Sara Marie Van Dan Acker PDF Hypothetical Would-Clauses in Korean EFL Textbooks: An Analysis Based on a Corpus Study and Focus on Form Approach, Soyung Yoo PDF Negative Transfer in the Writing of Proficient Students of Russian: A Comparison of Heritage Language Learners and Second Language Learners, Daria Aleeva PDF Informal Learning Choices of Japanese ESL Students in the United States, Brent Harrison Amburgey PDF Iktomi: A Character Traits Analysis of a Dakota Culture Myth, Marianne Sue Kastner PDF Motivation in Late Learners of Japanese: Self-Determination Theory, Attitudes and Pronunciation, Shannon Guinn-Collins PDF Foreign Language Students' Beliefs about Homestays, Sara Racheal Juveland PDF Teaching Intonation Patterns through Reading Aloud, Micah William Park PDF Disordered Thought, Disordered Language: A corpus-based description of the speech of individuals undergoing treatment for schizophrenia, Lucas Carl Steuber PDF Emotion Language and Emotion Narratives of Turkish-English Late Bilinguals, Melike Yücel Koç PDF A Library and Its Community: Exploring Perceptions of Collaboration, Phoebe Vincenza Daurio PDF A Structural and Functional Analysis of Codeswitching in Mi Vida Gitana `My Gypsy Life,' a Bilingual Play, Gustavo Javier Fernandez PDF Writing Chinuk Wawa: A Materials Development Case Study, Sarah A.Deborah Chua: Comparative alternation in y-adjectives. Khadijeh Gharibi: Incomplete Acquisition, Attrition and Maintenance of Heritage Speakers' Family Language: Iranians in New Zealand.Amy Giles-Mitson: Address terms in New Zealand English: Tracking changes to the social indexicality of gendered terms of address.Ruth Graham: Withdraw and Apologise: A Diachronic Study of Unparliamentary Language in the New Zealand Parliament, 1890-1950.Diego Navarro: Language learner cognition: Exploring adult migrants’ L2 activity beyond the classroom.


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