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This is different than applying to college, which is a deadline-driven process.As long as your application is in by the deadline, you’re just as good as everybody else that applied. So the earlier you turn in your primary application and the sooner you’re done with your secondary essays, the sooner your MCAT score is in, the sooner your letters of recommendation are in, and the sooner your application is complete, you have a better chance that the schools will look at your application while they still have plenty of interview spots open.

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If you’ve submitted your primary application and you’re not writing your secondary essays, then you’re behind.

Some schools will monitor how long it takes you to send a secondary back and they will use this as a gauge on your interest to get into their school.

” A lot of students can get so generic here that I can just copy and paste it from secondary to secondary for every school that asks the same question.

You need to say something specific about the school.

A lot of them are going to ask about diversity or why you’re applying to a DO school, so you need to be prepared to answer these.

Some students will try to write answers for broad types of questions, like write a generic answer for “diversity questions” or “what will I bring to the class” type questions. Just answer the secondary prompts from one school, then move on to the next school. One common feedback I give to students I work with is that they’re not answering the question.Some essays will specifically tell you not to repeat anything that’s in your primary application.If that is the case, then you can’t even talk about the same experience. It can be frustrating when schools do that, especially when they ask about your most meaningful clinical experience and you already put that in your personal statement.You don’t want to be that student who sends a secondary essay to NYU that says “I would love to be part of Columbia Medical School next year.” Be sure to edit it and have somebody look over your stuff.Copy and paste all you want, but then put it aside for the day, and go back and check the next day.They told a beautiful narrative about this patient they saved, but they didn’t answer the question the school was looking for. Most of the questions are asking you something very specific, so keep that in mind and make sure you’re answering the question. Ask them to review whether or not you’re answering the question asked.A common question for secondary essays is, “What about our school makes you want to go here?Ever after you submit your primary application, the work isn’t over.Secondary essays are still a huge part of your medical school application.Specifically, we’ll discuss the most common mistakes students make when it comes to secondary essays.One of the biggest mistakes students make is waiting for the request for secondary essays to come before they start working on them.


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