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In 1921, Piaget returned to Switzerland as director of the Rousseau Institute in Geneva.At this time, the institute was directed by Édouard Claparède.

Piaget placed great importance on the education of children.

As the Director of the International Bureau of Education, he declared in 1934 that "only education is capable of saving our societies from possible collapse, whether violent, or gradual." His theory of child development is studied in pre-service education programs.

In 1929, Jean Piaget accepted the post of Director of the International Bureau of Education and remained the head of this international organization until 1968.

Every year, he drafted his "Director's Speeches" for the IBE Council and for the International Conference on Public Education in which he explicitly addressed his educational credo.

The school was run by Alfred Binet, the developer of the Binet-Simon test (later revised by Lewis Terman to become the Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scales).

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Piaget assisted in the marking of Binet's intelligence tests.Piaget proposed that children moved from a position of egocentrism to sociocentrism.For this explanation he combined the use of psychological and clinical methods to create what he called a semiclinical interview.He was the oldest son of Arthur Piaget (Swiss), a professor of medieval literature at the University of Neuchâtel, and Rebecca Jackson (French).Piaget was a precocious child who developed an interest in biology and the natural world.He was hired by Théodore Simon to standardize psychometric measures for use with French children in 1919.The theorist we recognize today only emerged when he moved to Geneva, to work for Édouard Claparède as director of research at the Rousseau Institute, in 1922.In 1979 he was awarded the Balzan Prize for Social and Political Sciences.He died in 1980 and was buried with his family in an unmarked grave in the Cimetière des Rois (Cemetery of Kings) in Geneva. The resulting theoretical frameworks are sufficiently different from each other that they have been characterized as representing different "Piagets." More recently, Jeremy Burman responded to Beilin and called for the addition of a phase before his turn to psychology: "the zeroeth Piaget." Before Piaget became a psychologist, he trained in natural history and philosophy.It was while he was helping to mark some of these tests that Piaget noticed that young children consistently gave wrong answers to certain questions.Piaget did not focus so much on the fact of the children's answers being wrong, but that young children consistently made types of mistakes that older children and adults did not.


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