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In the very first battle sequence, we see the Achaean Antilochus kill a man, sending his bronze spear “smashing through his skull” ().

Homer doesn’t merely say that the spear kills the victim: He emphasizes that it literally shatters the man’s skull, forcing the reader to confront the terrifying and grotesque ways that human bodies are mutilated during war.

There is no dramatic character development, but one does see Patroklos as a character perpetrates dramatic events and provides a clearer understanding of Achilles.

Patroklos' main purpose in the Iliad is to bring Achilles back into the war.

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Are you sure you want to remove #book Confirmation# and any corresponding bookmarks?He reminds Hektor that "death and powerful destiny are standing beside" him.Destiny, then, guides Patroklos from the moment he enters the war.As Patroklos is dying, he is aware that he is a scapegoat and that it was not Hektor, but Apollo who was his "deadly destiny," because Apollo inspired him to attack the wall even though Achilles had instructed him specifically not to do so.Patroklos thus realizes that by taking Achilles' place in battle, he has become the means by which Achilles' return to the war is assured.That is, Patroklos tries to lead the Achaian attack on the city of Troy, despite the fact that Achilles has warned him not to attempt to do anything except protect the Achaian fleet of ships.In three drives into the Trojan front, Patroklos kills nine men in each drive, but on the fourth drive, Apollo strikes him across the back, sending him into a daze and making him vulnerable to Hektor's attack.But the emotional interdependence between the two men does not prevent Patroklos from criticizing Achilles' anger, and at one point, asking who can cure Achilles' consuming wrath.Patroklos even tells Achilles that he hopes that he himself is never cursed with such anger.Later, after Patroklos has returned from Nestor's camp, his deep sensitivity to the Achaian losses and the death of his friends is apparent.When he asks Achilles' permission to enter the war, Achilles compares him to a "silly little girl," and while Achilles' comment underscores Patroklos' obedient sensitivity, it also indicates Patroklos' dependence upon Achilles and shows a strong emotional bond that activates Achilles' wrath after Patroklos' death.


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