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She recently-ish came out with a new game (Star Days) And tbh... And I did see on her blog that she did scrap a lot of ideas for the game :( But I'll always support anything she makes, and look forward to anything that might be down the pipeline for her!would you say this was around the first wave of otome games in the west, when they were just starting to get popular? Even though there isn't a whole lot of character development in the earlier games, I've enjoyed all of them. Toko series, and it's actually really well thought out, and references the other games she's made.An otome game is a visual novel that mainly targets the female audience (otome gēmu means Maiden Game).Around that time I switched to visual novels on Renpy /mobile and then to otome games.I still miss Pacthesis :"( Glad she at least released Star Days which took years iirc between its announcement and actual releasei'm with you on that, part of me longs for more Pacthesis content, just for old times's sake.It wasn't until much later that I learned what otome was and got into it. I actually tried playing her latest game (that she announced YEARS ago) but it was just, you know, a simple flash game.I got into Vocaloid and song covers due to hearing Rolling Girl by Squadus through one of the links in Idol Days Sim Date. I might go back to it some time though, for nostalgia sake.The very first game I played from her was Chrono days.My favorite would probably be Kingdom days:) I also played Xolga and Mr Toko, and man, did that gave me feels x DI played them too, didn't think of them as otome back then.After you get certain endings, several cheats become available for more convenient playthroughs.Also, here’s a funny fact: some of the romanceable guys in these games make an appearance in Xolga and Mr.


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