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Is it different for families in which there is only one other sibling?Are there serious emotional issues for other family members – including the parents of the Down Syndrome child?Thus, the research paper's main research question will deal with coping, understanding, and other socio-familial matters that arise through the growing years and how they continue through adulthood.

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Families in which there are Down Syndrome children have special and often conflicting considerations each day of their lives.

The results of the investigation indicate that the all participants showed some degree of characteristics of developmental apraxia of speech in children with down syndrome.

The most common of which were: The research papers conclude that educators must address this phenomenon, as there is currently an extent body of literature that provides information on how to effectively circumvent the negative effects that can result because of this condition.

These are the main areas of concern for this research paper.

As noted in the previous section, this research paper seeks to elicit data and case-study, anecdotal evidence focusing specifically on Down Syndrome families and their special considerations.

Usually when one cell divides in two, pairs of chromosomes are split so that one of the pair goes to one cell, and the other from the pair goes to the other cell.

In nondisjunction, something goes wrong and both chromosomes from one pair go into one cell and no chromosomes for that pair go into the other cell.

From the time a Down Syndrome baby enters the household with other siblings, there are often tensions not experienced in families without special-needs children.

This can involve everything from resentment from the other siblings to the extra attention given to the Down Syndrome child, to embarrassment with peers and others.


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