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Large national or multi-national entities face significant logistical and communication challenges and this usually makes some kind of regional or area structure essential for effective decision making and control (Nadler & Tushman, 1997: 59-70).Whilst this produces the benefits associated with a more decentralised approach (such as a focus on local customers and being responsive to regional market pressures), it does cause concern for senior managers seeking to set a unified corporate direction (Linstead et al, 2011: 225–226).However, to be successful organisations must not operate in isolation from the environment that surrounds them (Morgan, 2006: 38–42), and some of the key aspects to consider are highlighted in Appendix 2.

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Large organisations with a wide product or service range are often attracted to a product-based structure as it can be more responsive to technological change as people are grouped on the basis of their expertise (and supporting infrastructure) within a particular unit (Hayes, 2010: 87-104).

Such an approach also enables/supports rapid diversification and skills expansion in that additional product or service areas can be incorporated relatively easily (Cole & Kelly, 2011: 251).

They posses distinct identities, which are developed and shaped from a mix of how they choose to create, present and market their business to the world, the type of services and/or products provided and the culture that emerges as a consequence (Clegg et al, 2011, 14-16).

Organisational structure should be driven by corporate strategy and the resulting objectives and tasks in order to facilitate the delivery of: (Fineman et al, 2010: 1-12).

This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken.

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Stephanie Wong Ken holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University.

It is usually the case that the flatter structures allow greater decentralisation of decision-making and autonomy through the organisation whilst the taller structures focus on tighter, closer control mechanisms.

The most effective balance for the organisation concerned must recognise the critical success factors set, the operating environment of the business and the existing corporate culture in relation to the perceived culture required (Mullins, 2010: 508–512; Stacey, 2011: 94-105).

Importantly, such structures also assist in the development of leaders and managers as functional peers and superiors are clearly identified and should be accessible (French et al, 2008: 348).

Unfortunately, such functional approaches can lead to the growth of sectional interests which may conflict with the needs of the organisation as a whole (Cole & Kelly, 2011: 251).


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