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Research Design This study utilizes secondary data from the General Social Survey (GSS) which can be found on this site: Website/. Census, the GSS is a frequent source of data for a number of social science courses.

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In another case, Attorney General John Ashcroft used death penalty in order to secure the communities terrorized by a mysterious sniper.

When suspects were arrested, Ashcroft steered prosecution away from Maryland where the death penalty was under attack to Virginia, where there is a strong support base for capital punishment.

The bill of rights supports the right of individuals to live and associate freely.

On the other hand, the same legal provision is also used to condemn capital offenders to death sentence.

Mental and emotional anguish of the convicted should be avoided through establishing a spontaneous date for execution.

According to Acker and Bellandi capital punishments serve to scare those who may be tempted to commit vicious crimes.Risks of convicting innocent individuals within the system have been seen all too often.These risks are some of the primary considerations in the opposition of the death penalty – that innocent individuals may be put to death because of this imperfect system.The religious community questions the legality of the death sentences and at the same time urges citizens to follow the law.It is still ironical when they defend the law breakers. to maintain a......lawful infliction of death as a punishment to a legally convicted person.There are also a number of researches aiming to understand why the death penalty is important, or why it should be abolished instead.This study does not create a position for or against capital punishment.Many moral philosophers and.....exercising fairness to both the victim and the criminal.However, the methods used should not be cruel or unusual.Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/sociology/1441096-using-your-output-which-you-have-been-worked-on (What Determines a Person Support or Opposition to Death Penalty Essay) What Determines a Person Support or Opposition to Death Penalty Essay.https://studentshare.org/sociology/1441096-using-your-output-which-you-have-been-worked-on.... Death Penalty Death penalty has been a controversial issue in the international community.


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