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[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Today, millions of animals are being tested on for the use of human products, causing them to fall ill and die, leaving them no choice but to be experimented on. Specifically, animal testing is a form of animal abuse and usually ends in death of a harmless animal.Some might say that there is no other way to test products, but due to the harm that is done and our advancements in science, animal testing should not be tolerated.

The testings occur at places massively involved in research, “at universities, hospitals, contract laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies” (Animals Used, PETA)....

[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Animal Testing: Good or Bad.

[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Animal testing has been practiced since ancient times.

The ancient Greeks killed and dissected animals for scientific and religious purposes, as well as performed experiments on them to discover the functions of living organisms.

This process of animal torture is allowed to continue because society’s attitude about animals is very mixed.

Many people regard animals- commonly dogs, cats, birds and fish- as their pets and “family members” while companies view test animals as a renewable source of income.

I ask, how is this any different from animal cruelty.

The government allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated and starved.

According to Mohandas Gandhi, the United States will never be a great nation unless they start treating animals the way that we want to be treated. Animal testing must be stopped because of the wasted money, cruelty to the animals, and the unreliable results....

[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Animal testing is the unethical process of forcing unwilling living creatures into often painful or deadly experiments.


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