Nursing Risk Assessment Essays

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In some cases, a person will present with a specific problem related to their mental health (e.g. A nurse may therefore ask more focused questions: Although there is no physical examination specific to mental illness, it is important for a nurse to remember that the signs of mental illness may be identified during observation and physical examination of a client.

The signs of mental illness may include: When assessing a person for mental illness, it is important for nurses to remember that drug and / or alcohol intoxication can closely mimic mental illness.

It is important for nurses to remember that there are a variety of internal and external factors which determine a person's mental health.

required to perform a physical examination of a client.

-To explain how to complete a physical examination in the assessment of a patient's nutritional status. These nociceptors transmit the experience of the noxious stimuli, as an electrical impulse, to the brain.

Electrical impulses are transmitted along nerve fibres with the assistance of neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin and noradrenaline.Stigma may make a patient reluctant to seek assessment or treatment for mental illness, it may cause them to be unwilling to accept the results of a mental health assessment, and it may result in their noncompliance with a treatment regimen.Nutritional assessment is not typically performed in isolation; rather, it is one part of the broader general assessment.For example, it can be challenging for a patient to recall and report their intake accurately.Furthermore, such a 'snapshot' of a patient's nutritional intake may not reflect their actual intake over a longer period of time.Read the information in the following table: Once a health history of a patient's pain has been obtained, as described in the previous section of this chapter, a nurse may commence a physical examination of the patient to determine their response to the pain they experience: As you saw in a previous section of this unit, once a health history and physical examination have been completed, they should be documented so that the data collected can be used to: (1) assess the patient's condition, and (2) inform the care which is appropriate for that patient.The term 'mental health' is used to describe a person's state of mind, which impacts on their ability to cope appropriately with daily stressors.This is because most of the data needed for the assessment of a person's mental health can be gathered during the health history, by talking with and observing the client.When assessing a patient's mental health via a focused health history, a nurse should collect data about: When collecting information about a person's mental health, a nurse should carefully observe the patient.Both types of pain may be: (1) constant, or (2) episodic.In addition, pain may also be classified as either: (1) acute, or (2) chronic.


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