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For example, according to, at the University of Stonybrook, "about 800 people eventually applied for a total of about 120 slots." And the "Daily Pennsylvanian" states that at the University of Pennsylvania: "Approximately 20 percent of the nearly 500 applicants were accepted, according to Dean of Admissions Eric Furda." Thus, you should view your personal statement on an application as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the other applicants.

It is expected that the candidate is mentally and physically tough to undergo such a schedule.

Cite specific examples to highlight your mental toughness and your ability to stick to a task till it is completed.

Do not make your essay all about being selfless, but do mention your dreams and aspirations as well.

It is important to indicate how a degree in nursing will help you to realize your dreams.

Think through the introduction and the conclusion of your essay.

Do prior research about the school and find out adequate reasons to justify why you are a good fit.Getting into a reputed nursing school can be difficult due to limited seats and fierce competition.Remarkable scores and recommendations are the pre-requisites of the application; any previous experience you have in the field may give you an added advantage.Start your personal statement with an attention-grabbing personal anecdote that relates to nursing or care-giving.For example, you could talk about how nurses made a tremendous difference to your father when he was in the hospital or how nurses always made you less afraid of getting your blood taken when you were a child.Explain any eyebrow-raising issues on your application.For example, if there were any times you were out of work or received low test scores, your personal statement is a good place to provide an explanation to the admissions committee.Make sure the anecdote is interesting and relevant.Explain what you have done so far in life: degrees obtained, jobs held, places visited and how they have shaped you as a person and how they have helped you to realize you want to be a nurse and how these experiences will make you into a great nurse.It is a good idea to mention how the school has contributed to the society over the years and address the key traits in your character that makes you a good fit for the school.It is essential that you thoroughly check your work before submitting it.


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