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Sourya Biswas got the ingredients right and two bschools offered him a full-ride (100% scholarship).

Sourya Biswas got the ingredients right and two bschools offered him a full-ride (100% scholarship).

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Sourya persisted and did not give up on his ambition.

He shares his MBA application strategy and success story.

Although my planned two years of work experience were not yet done, I took the CAT again in 2005.

My friend in Infosys was taking TIME courses, and I sometimes used to solve the test papers on weekends.

I decided to get a couple of years of work experience under my belt, and once my brother graduated and started work, to get my MBA.

At the same time, I did take the CAT in my final year (2003), if only to give my friends company.However, what took the decision right out of my hand was my family’s financial condition, which was not very healthy.My father had had to take voluntary retirement because he was being continuously posted to remote areas, often militancy-ridden, and my younger brother had started his law degree at an elite institution for which we had to take out a large loan.The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana offers students at various stages of their careers a “strong brand,” “intellectually challenging” academics, “10/10” professors, an “outstanding alumni network,” and an underlying foundation of “integrity and ethics.” The two-year MBA program is composed of two seven-week modules in four semesters, which allows students to add electives and experiential learning. The “curriculum and concentrations are set up very well,” with the required core classes offering a “good mix,” preparing students “for the types of questions…asked in interviews” and previewing the kind of work students will do in their summer internships.Faculty is “stellar,” particularly in the finance and accounting departments, and collectively are an “incredible blend of academi[cs]” and “industry leaders.” Mendoza offers signature classes like “Applied Investment Management” and “Business on the Frontlines” and generally espouses a philosophy of “business as a force for good.” This philosophy correlates with Notre Dame’s tradition as a mission-focused Catholic college.By then, I had started work at Kanbay (now part of Capgemini) in Hyderabad and actually started being in the corporate world.I was living in shared accommodation with a college friend who had also moved to Hyderabad to take up a job with Infosys, and another one working with Satyam (luckily, he left before the Ramalinga Raju fraud came to light).Mendoza students describe each other as “enthusiastic, outwardly focused, detail oriented, conscientious when it comes to other people’s time,” and combine “diversity of thought and experiences” with the “like-mindedness of wanting to use business for the greater good.”Students say South Bend is both “a fun town” and has “low cost of living” but enjoy that the campus is also within driving distance of Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit.Notre Dame University (Mendoza), Olin (St Louis) and Simon (Rochester) were three MBA programs (apart from the regular suspects Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Chicago Booth) where Sourya Biswas applied with a GMAT score of 750. Neither do strong MBA essays or a good MBA resume, if you consider them in isolation.Initiatives include printer settings - the default setting for all student printers within the College is duplex; PC power conservation ? The lighting throughout the College is manually controlled and monitored.classroom and computer lab PCs within the College have aggressive power saving settings, and include ? Low Emitting Vehicles have more than 50 preferred parking spaces on campus.


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