Nonverbal Observation Essay

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It was clear they appreciated each other’s company.

The nonverbal cues and gestures, the lack of personal space, the engrossed hand holding in the most affectionate of manners and locked eye contact was evidence of this notion.

It seemed so but the young man’s air of confidence and composure didn’t give much away.

However, I was able to come to this conclusion when he reached out and took her hand in his.

The first thing anyone would have observed was the fact that they maintained eye contact throughout their time together, only looking down at the table for a few seconds probably because the other had looked too hard. I knew this because her face was flushed and her body language exhumed an air of shyness, from the way she crossed her legs and tuck her hands into her thighs, leaning forward and moving randomly from side to side at intervals.

Their lips didn’t move much and if it did I was out of earshot.The lady, on the other hand, was evidently a student.Her college books were stacked on the table and her laptop bag was resting on one of the chairs.I observed on this occasion that nonverbal communication could be just as powerful as any other form of direct communication.However, unless one is compelled to actually observe, many forms of nonverbal communication go unnoticed.Overall it was extremely pleasant to watch and observe the couple.The couple’s time together was enjoyable for them as it was for me.The young man I was fascinated by, because he somewhat kept his composure.He sat up straight at all times, laughed a couple of times and had his boyish grin the rest of the time.I have come to the realization that nonverbal communication might just be the most powerful form of communication there is, as it portrays a totality of what a person might truly be trying to get across, in terms of information which most other communication styles might not be able to truly accomplish.Communication is a process in which people verbally or non-verbally share information and ideas.


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