No More Dead Dogs Book Report

Week by week the kids at school—and many people in town—love Wallace or hate him, depending on what says that week.The president of the drama club takes acting and the play very seriously.Fogelman reluctantly agrees to a series of changes in the play.

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To her, Wallace is a dumb jock trying to cause trouble.

Her best friend Trudy develops a crush on Wallace, and her younger brother Dylan, a school football fan, blames the play and the drama coach for ruining the football season—an opinion shared by many in the town. A number of weird accidents happen during rehearsals including marbles being released on stage causing actors to slip and fall, and right before dress rehearsal the stage is filled with confetti, a foot deep in places.

As Wallace puts it, when you see a book with an award medallion and the picture of a dog on the cover, you know the dog is going down. This complicates his life for two reasons beyond the annoyance of daily detentions.

In the course of the book, we see the truth of this observation with examples such as (c. In some ways it is worse, at least in some of those other books there is some action to keep things going. Not only that, but he is directing the middle school play this year which is an adaptation of— Wallace gets an incomplete, which means detention with the teacher until the work is made up. (1) He is on the football team, but he cannot attend practices if he is serving detention, and if the detention is carried over from Friday to Monday, he cannot suit up for the team’s games. Fogelman is directing the play, Wallace has to attend rehearsals of the stage version of his least favorite story to serve his detention.

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Wallace Wallace, eighth-grade football player, refuses to tell a lie, so when he is asked by his teacher, Mr.Fogelman, to review "Old Shep, My Pal", he gives it a scathing review. Fogelman gives him an incomplete and holds him in detention until it's completed.In detention, Wallace is forced to attend rehearsals for the school play, which happens to be the stage version of "Old Shep, My Pal".Wallace writes an honest, if brief, paper on why he does not like the story. Reason #1 becomes a big deal because while Wallace was a substitute player for the team who averaged about five minutes a game, he scored the winning touchdown off an opponent’s fumble in the closing seconds of last year’s championship game.He became a hero in the town, and no one can understand why he is not playing this year, especially as the Giants rack up a significant losing streak."Old Shep, My Pal by Zack Paris is the most boring book I've read in my entire life. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy." Old Yeller, Sounder, Bristle Face, Where the Red Fern Grows (double whammy)...Suffice it to say that Wallace gets detention and misses football practice..quite a while. Fogelman is now putting on a play he's written that adapts Old Shep for the stage, and he's going to force Wallace to watch play rehearsal until Wallace caves in and admits the book (and play) are good.(Hell, he even has a Tom Sawyer knack for getting friends to come over and help him do chores for his mom.) Wallace has plenty of suggestions for improving this turd of a plot, and the kids absolutely eat them up.Pretty soon the show becomes a musical with a rock band and original songs, roller skating, rapping, and special-ish effects. Except someone's also vandalizing the play, and Wallace is naturally the chief suspect.Indeed, he has a reputation of always telling the truth.He even has a poster of George Washington and the cherry tree in his room at home. Truly, one reason he did not like the book was its stilted and unrealistic dialogue, which the play simply lifts from the novel.


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