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Accepting the utility of knowing the types of travel articles, each with their own set of rules, was the ? Years ago, I asked the travel editor at how to publish travel articles.At the time, I had worked on my university daily newspaper, sold a few freelance pieces, and successfully completed several business writing contracts.

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As you become more familiar with the travel writing genre, you’ll notice that many travel stories overlap several categories.

Nor is this list comprehensive, because writing is always growing and changing.

The travel article destined for a country living magazine will have a completely different tone.

We’ll focus on structure, style, voice, and pace of the article in later chapters; for the moment, simply be aware of the differences in various types of publications.

This focus on the writer’s voice may only last for the duration of your reading, but for those minutes (or hours if a book), that voice becomes real to you.

Analyze whether the voice is appropriate to the content of that type of travel piece.Travel articles can be loosely categorized into several different types, which we’ll now examine. c type of travel article helps the writer stay on topic and ? Knowing the various types of travel articles serves you during the writing and marketing phases.Once you’ve decided what kind of travel article you are working on you can develop the theme, selecting salient details and anecdotes to tell the story. You’re about to try your hand at travel writing, see where it leads you, and ?nd pleasure in the path, even if the destination can’t be foreseen. Travel writing, as you might imagine, can demand a bit more—a yen for adventure, cross-cultural awareness, a grounding in history and geography, a facility for languages, and a healthy dose of humility. Although travel writing can be whimsical and personal, there are certain structural conventions. t contemporary article categories signals professionalism and familiarity with the travel genre.c place; or if it was a collection of short informational paragraphs about a related topic without a narrative. ow much easier if I knew where I was headed in my writing.Reading so many different stories, I began to internalize my analysis of the skeleton of the travel story. From newspaper travel articles, I branched out and studied travel-themed narratives in magazines and literary journals.They are guidelines, not fossils embedded in canyon walls.The types of published travel articles may change over time—stories about sweaty adventure trekking may go out of fashion, replaced by articles on luxury do-nothing splurge travel.After analyzing quite a few newspaper travel articles paragraph by paragraph, I noted whether a piece was told in ?rst or third person; whether it was a personal experience essay or an objective description of a speci?


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