Neo-Aristotelian Criticism Essay

Tracey Patton, University of Wyoming Essential reading alongside traditional rhetorical theory texts. Daniel Brown, Grove City College Fosss text is the gold standard for rhetorical criticism.

Sarah Jedd, University of Wisconsin I believe I have used every edition of this excellent work over the years but the Fifth Edition is clearly the best one . I have used it through many editions because her basic premise is inquiry and how to assist students in making rhetoric useful beyond the classroom.

Fantasy-Theme Criticism Procedures / Sample Essays: Rhetorical Visions of Health: A Fantasy-Theme Analysis of Celebrity Articles (Amanda Hinnant and Elizabeth Hendrickson); Coping with Loss: U2's "One Tree Hill" (Kelly Mendoza); Reassurance through Normalization: A Fantasy-Theme Analysis of Jiang Zemin's Address at the Handover of Hong Kong (Andrew Gilmore) 6. Generic Criticism Procedures / Sample Essays: Dismantling the Guitar Hero?

Feminist Criticism Procedures / Sample Essays: "The Man for His Time": The Big Lebowski as Carnivalesque Social Critique (Paul "Pablo" Martin and Valerie Renegar); Americanizing Gay Parents: A Feminist Analysis of Daddy's Roommate (Dara R. Brent); The Enactment of Advanced Style: Strategies Fashioned to Disrupt the Ideology of Aging (Karen A. A Case of Prodused Parody and Disarmed Subversion (Jrgen Skgeby); The Transference of Power: A Generic Description of Handover Rhetoric (Andrew Gilmore); Beauty in Conflict: Discussion on Art (Danielle Montoya); Banksy at Disneyland: Generic Participation in Culture Jamming (Joshua Carlisle Harzman) 8.

An exceptional survey of methods and approaches to rhetorical criticism in the twenty-first century. Susan Tomasovic, George Mason University This is my go-to text when I teach any rhetorical course, particularly for students new to the discipline.

Matthew May, Texas A&M University Chapters are well organized with updated examples in clear language our foreign students understand. The readings are accessible and the foundation the chapters provide, coupled with the student paper examples, allow for a solid footing in rhetorical criticism. Richard Leo Enos, Texas Christian University I love the new edition for many reasons. The upgrades and improvements in this edition are impressive: a new emphasis on writing literature reviews, for example, is most welcome; the selection of student-written essays is expanded; feminism is again treated in a chapter-length piece; and the price is economical for students.

Generative Criticism Encountering a Curious Artifact / Coding the Artifact / Searching for an Explanation / Creating an Explanatory Schema / Assessing the Explanatory Schema / Formulating a Research Question / Coding the Artifact in Detail / Searching the Literature / Writing the Essay / Sample Essays: Toward a Theory of Agentic Orientation: Rhetoric and Agency in Run Lola Run (Sonja K.

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Heather Lettner-Rust, Longwood University Part I: INTRODUCTION 1.

The Nature of Rhetorical Criticism Rhetoric / Rhetorical Criticism 2.


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