Negative Effects Of Technology On Society Essay

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In the past, slaves were employed wherever extensive manual work was required.Slaves used to life the bricks, erect the walls and plough the agricultural fields. Communication paper Technological advancement has contributed majorly in the field of healthcare.The first and the foremost negative effect that has surfaced over the years is obesity.

The person gradually becomes disconnected with the society physically.

In the long-run, this leads to complete social exclusion of the person.

While this has conventionally enhanced the efficiency of system, there have also been several negative implications of the technological advances upon the society.

This paper discusses the negative impacts of the technological advances on the society.

Healthcareorganizations are faced with the problem of selecting the best technological advancement system to use that will be beneficial even in the future.

Internet use and application have made communication between patients and healthcare providers possible.A lot of people today have to work in more than one job to make a certain amount of money with which they can run their expenses.Technological advancement has increased challenges at the workplace particularly for the aged people.This paper discusses the differences between the past and modern age that have been caused by technology.Technological advancement has played a big role in eradicating slavery, facilitating communication, and making the journey time saving and convenient.Obesity can be considered an outcome of the technological advancement that has taken place since the industrial revolution. obesity and technological advancement are too different in terms of their meanings, yet the two have a cause and effect relationship.In the past, people used to travel long distances on foot as there were no vehicles.As such, media is easily accessible and has become a vital part of the everyday lives of billions of people.Media has many useful and positively beneficial aspects, such has providing people with immediate information about goings-on throughout the world.The intensity of the threat to the dissolution of vegetation, aromatic plants, or life cycle of human kind and wildlife is unpredictable and the vulnerability of the climate has become a big challenge as an outcome. 2 November Technological Advancement: Past vs Present Technology has advanced beyond all expectations in the past few centuries.The development has been massive even in the past few decades.


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