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It seems like we are in a whole different world when we talk.No one else is listening and it is easy to express ourselves and speak out our thoughts, especially those that we would not normally say when we were among other...There are a great number of special moments that I share with my hero.

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He doesn’t buy me expensive or fancy accessories, but he does whisper to me that I’m his special girl.

He is just an average, quiet man, whom I honor and respect. He comes home around 5-o-clock at night and finishes any kind of paperwork he needs to finish for the day if any.

We would not have smiled, laughed and became successful.

Had there been no support of parents we would not have been here.

They assumed that because our family had money, we were problem free - and oh, how wrong they were! It wouldn't occur to him that he was so popular, that he will be missed so much.

It was until my senior year at Halls High School that I kept leading people on to believe a lie. Yet the very fact that so many mourn his passing says much more about him, and his kindness perfect, and I knew it could only be one person; he is the only person to make me wait just so he can look perfect when we saw each other. Every time he comes to visit me, I get to the airport an hour after the listed landing time because I know that is how long it takes my dad to unboard and find his luggage.Back then it Comparing My Dad and Me In a world of over six billion people, what could be more boring than a bunch of look-alike clones?Everyone on this earth shares certain traits with others.I remember putting it on every day for over three years until I had started to forget to put it on and it slowly slipped out of my mind.When I heard my dad was finally visiting me after four years in China, I searched for it through my box of jewelry I titled My Collection and at that time I realized that I had lost it. We must try to help our parents by fulfilling their desires of being successful. The value of parents in our lives can never be ignored. They protect us and give every sacrifice to make us happy and pleased. The are the real reasons of our success and happiness in this world. They are standing beside me in my every walk of life. Therefore, we must appreciate our parents for so many reasons.He is there for me, whether it is to cheer me on at my sports games or to yell loudly at any workouts or practices I may have.The point is he would never miss these activities for all the money in the world because he wants to show his support for my efforts in everything I do.I know it is his way of showing how much he cares about me and how proud he is when I try my best.When I know he is there rooting for me, I try even harder to succeed.


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