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My Favorite Holiday Essay-7
Too much baby Jesus, too many formally structured events, too much shopping and overeating, too much “this is how you do this So, sure, Buy Nothing Day is a made-up holiday, popularized by Adbusters and Wired, and even so I’m certain that I “celebrate” it in some sort of non-canon way.At the same time, when I come back to Vermont to my part time public school job and see the tiny menorah that is buried somewhere under the “holiday” tree in the school’s display, I appreciate having one day of celebration that I can be all in on.

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I’m surprised I didn’t catch on sooner when I was visiting my mom’s relatives in New Jersey, but I’m not always that clued-in to things.

I say this only as a way of explanation that I really do understand the secular Christmas thing, but it’s still not a holiday I enjoy much.

Of all the places I visited in my holidays, Puri is my most favourite holiday destination. It is one of the important holy places in India because of the Jagannath Temple. Along with my little brother I spent time splashing in the sea. Hours spent by splashing water on ourselves and it seems it is just the start of the day. I had never seen a tiger in a safari but my dream was fulfilled by visiting Nandankanan. Soon after the tiger went back into the forest we started off again. On hearing the noisy engine of the bus came out two ferocious looking disgruntled lions.

Though it is very hot there, but due to the sea we enjoy the cool breeze. Our guide informed us that this young tiger weighs only twenty kilos.

Looking back on it, this simple sandwich can also be a good metaphor for how you shouldn’t overcomplicate things in life – sometimes, the simplest solution and a bit of flair or courage can bring astonishing results.

My trip to Italy helped me understand more about other cultures, allowed me to find my passion (and let’s not forget about my first crush), taught me to cherish nature and do my best to protect it, and – maybe – inspired in me the courage to experiment (or, at least, it gave me the opportunity to discover that I adore pineapple & cheese sandwiches).

What a simple and ingenious mix of flavors – a sheer joy for the taste buds!

I think it was the first time I tasted a mix of “regular food” and exotic fruit all in one, and I believe this is what triggered in me the pleasure I know have for experimenting with flavors in my cooking and coming up with unusual dishes.

One of the initial impetuses for #2 was Bill Mc Kibben’s first book The Age of Missing Information which he wrote in 1992.

Bill Mc Kibben is better known as the guy behind 350


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