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Each volume focused on a certain genre of orchestral or choral music (for example, Volumes I and II were devoted to Symphonies; Volume III to Concertos), with many of the works discussed with the help of music examples.

In 1944, a posthumous seventh volume appeared on chamber music.

Be mindful of how long your analysis is expected to be, and choose the number of specific examples you can thoroughly discuss within those parameters.

Draft your paper, and don't forget to use regular conventions of essay writing such as punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Look at the order of the tunes, and decide if the artist chose a deliberate progression of songs to convey a message.

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Incorporate your ideas into your analysis, using specific evidence to support your assertions.The essays came into existence as programme notes, written by Tovey, to accompany concerts given (mostly under his own baton) by the Reid Orchestra in Edinburgh.Between 19, they were published in six volumes as Essays in Musical Analysis.Music is often reflective of life experience, so knowledge of world events and prevailing attitudes might affect your interpretation.For example, some people think that Don Mc Lean's "American Pie" is a commentary on changes to American culture at the time, and Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" touches on environmental concerns at the beginning of the modern American environmental movement.Study the song within the context of the entire album.Ask yourself whether the album has a theme and how the song you've chosen to analyze contributes to its overall feel.Devote the body of your essay to expanding your supporting points.Restate your argument and summarize what your paper discussed in the conclusion. Have someone else read your essay and provide constructive criticism before writing a final draft.A songwriter might use it in a song lyric to communicate frustration over a recent breakup or to create emphasis by making the sounds stand out more.Listen to the song again with your notes in front of you. Cock your ears for crescendos, pauses, instruments fading in or out of the arrangement and tempo changes.


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