Mushroom Growing Business Plan

Mushroom Growing Business Plan-20
Now they need to be moved to another room with a lower temperature and higher humidity, where they will continue to grow. This is usually done by installing tubes that have small holes in the bags with mushrooms. The first harvest is usually the most abundant, the second and the third – less rich.READ ALSO: Foodstuff business in Nigeria The temperature can vary from 12 to 25 degrees. Some of them like very low temperature, others prefer a higher temperature. Through these holes, the water comes into the bags, thereby moistening them. After the third phase, the bag with the substrate is discarded, and replaced with a new one.Mushrooms farming technology – Variant 1We have prepared for you two most popular variants of mushroom production. Most often, people make use of plastic bags in place of tanks as they are inexpensive and comfortable.

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Before getting started, educate yourself about how to grow mushrooms.

Many companies offer courses and seminars on growing these fungi.

Mycelium is produced from fungus mother cultures, which in turn should be regularly replenished in order not to lose the quality.

You can go into the cultivation of mycelium after all the processes for mushroom cultivation have been finally concluded. Both components are mixed or stacked and placed in a tank.

You can do it this in your compound if you like and you have a private house.

After some time, when you have had some experience and can understand what is achievable in this field of business, you can start commercial mushroom farming in Nigeria.Three days later, you need to make some cuts in the bags or tanks so the mushrooms can grow.Approximately in two weeks, the bags with the substrate will be overgrown with mycelium.The flesh of these mushrooms contains vitamins B and C, E, and D2.In terms of vitamin PP content, oyster is the most valuable mushroom. Choosing of place for mushroom cultivation in Nigeria Before you settle on the right place for your mushroom farm you should consider the following peculiarities of mushroom cultivation: The ideal soil for the cultivation of mushrooms is called substrate.Shiitake (1 month or more in the fridge)Shiitake has several unique substances, which has a strong healing effect on the body (EVEN incurable diseases). This can be the straw (wheat, rye, barley), sawdust, sunflower seed husks, corn cobs, hemp trees, flaxseed waste production, log woods.It contains a lot of vitamins, micro and macro elements necessary to maintain the healthy state of the body. There are also farms that produce and sell ready-made substrate for growing mushrooms.Experienced farmers can grow mycelium on their own.Growing mycelium and its subsequent implementation can be very a lucrative, but complicated and time-consuming business.For instance, Fungi for the People offers a week-long course every few months in Westfir, Oregon. If you don't have the time or funds to take a course, many books about growing mushrooms are readily available.And keep in mind that oyster mushrooms are the easiest to grow, so start with a crop of oysters.


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