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Eventually, he comes back to his office and begins to ask questions about the business of the Senate.

It sounds easy enough to just keep talking, but the reality is that after a few hours it becomes not only tedious but strenuous.

This can also be a good opportunity to talk about the ways in which the filibuster has changed in recent years or to take a look at recent examples of filibusters.

But it’s an interesting plot element for talking about the role of the media.

Today, you could definitely communicate with lightning speed via social media.

In the opening scenes, Hopper gets an earful from his constituents and lobbyists, and he has to deal with the press.

Behind the scenes, he is advised by a seemingly corrupt political boss, Jim Taylor.He’s using his influence to directly profit himself.But underneath the surface is a more subtle question of the extent to which is influence itself is corrupting and bad. His replacement is a naive examplar of a citizen from the midwest, Jeff Smith. Smith gets to Washington, he realizes that things aren’t quite as rosy and perfect as he thought, and he comes face to face with corruption in the United States government.It is an excellent way to illustrate both the mechanics of government and the ways in which the reality of government diverges from the ideal. Smith Goes to Washington is a classic movie about American government and politics. Despite being in black and white, I’ve found that my students still enjoy it. This movie is old, but it is still extremely relevant.One of the most dramatic parts of the movie is when Jeff Smith takes the floor of the Senate and holds it in a filibuster.This is a great illustration of what a traditional filibuster actually is and how physically demanding it can be.His secretary gives him a depressing explanation of the legislative process, but Jeff goes through with drafting a bill to create a national boys camp.As it turns out, Jeff’s boys camp is to be built on the same piece of land that Jim Taylor has been planning to sell to the government.


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