Moving To A New Country Essay

I’ve been a tourist in many places, even acted “like a local”.These resources can give you good insight on the way of life in that country. There is a saying that goes, "Speaking someone's native language is the quickest way to their heart." And even if you make some mistakes, they'll admire you for trying.Next, become familiar with the language spoken there and be aware of the familiar vs. Beware of hand gestures and get a feel for social customs.They’re envious of the idea of someone who’s off exploring faraway places instead of living a normal, seemingly less exciting life.When I’ve spoken with people who haven’t lived abroad, they have this notion that it’s something reserved for these spontaneous nomad-type people, that there’s this unattainable spark about us adventurers living our dreams.The first step in preparing for life in a new culture is to educate yourself about the country youre moving to.Read books, rent videotapes, check out web sites, and talk with colleagues, who've been there, and contact the embassy or consulate of that country.One of the difficulties that many people have is dealing with the stereotypes of others.For example, Americans are often seen as loud, immature, wasteful, informal, and ignorant - obviously this does not apply to ALL of them - and likewise for the stereotypes of other cultures.You realize that the world isn’t as different as you expected, that everyone uses Facebook and watches Netflix and listens to Drake.Living in another country introduces you to challenges you’ve never experienced before. Living in another country teaches you to of that culture.


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