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Rather, the statute serves the purposes of redressing discrimination in the workplace "as well as the loss of a fair employment opportunity because of the alleged failure to accommodate his physical disability." These "are alleged injuries distinct from the ankle injury suffered by Daniel many months before the dispute over accommodation arose." Justice Paul Holden Anderson dissented.

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The supervisor assigned Mc Bee to a different machine that night.

Mc Bee was asked to meet with human resources the following night.

The district court agreed, and the court of appeals affirmed the decision.

On appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court, Mc Bee encouraged the court to look at the act under the lens of the ADA (which requires the parties to engage in an interactive process).

This provision is intended to limit recovery for workplace injuries to the no-fault, statutory remedies provided by the legislature in the place of the former common law, fault-based claims for work-related personal injuries that often were defeated by common law defenses.

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Likewise, the Minnesota Human Rights Act contains an exclusivity provision "as to acts declared unfair" by that statute. W.2d 180 (November 3, 1989), the Minnesota Supreme Court struck a balance between these two exclusivity provisions, holding that the exclusivity provision of the Workers' Compensation Act barred the employee's claims for disability discrimination under the Human Rights Act.However, Team determined that Mc Bee could no longer work for the company "[b]ecause of the danger of injury." Mc Bee commenced a lawsuit against Team claiming that it failed to participate in an interactive process in violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act, among other things.Team moved for summary judgment, arguing that the act did not require the company to participate in an interactive process with Mc Bee.Notably, the majority's decision did not reflect the compromise struck by the legislature when it abolished certain common law defenses to such claims in exchange for the certainty and exclusivity of the injury compensation and wage loss schedules in the Workers' Compensation Act.This ruling is likely to double recovery in some cases.In the other, the court held that the Minnesota Human Rights Act does not require that employers engage in an interactive process when considering reasonable accommodations for an employee with a disability.The Minnesota Workers' Compensation Act, like nearly all similar statutes, includes an exclusivity provision.During that meeting, she told Team's human resources representative about her 10-pound lifting restriction and that looking up could cause paralysis.She was ultimately sent home and did not work her shift.Keith Daniel, a firefighter, had suffered an injury to his ankle while performing rescue duties.His doctor prescribed "tennis shoes with arch support high rescue boot high ankle" to reduce pain and improve ankle stability.


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