Midnight Summer Dream Essay

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On one hand, the play-within-a-play is offered as a comic interlude to display Shakespeare’s creativity.

One the other hand, the sub play helps the audiences understand some of the overall themes in the main play.

The issue of whom is worthy to putting on a play is also one of the concerns in the play Another aspect of this issue comprising who is responsible for bringing a play to the audiences or what thoughts and actions are proper in order to bring a play to stage should be also concerned.

The conversations among the craftsmen-actors in which they argue whether they can bring an actual wall to stage and conclude that it is impossible to carry out demonstrate this point.by Williams Shakespeare contains two distinctly different subplots within the lager structure of itself, which can be considered as a remarkable characteristic of the dramatic construction in general and of Shakespeare’s play in particular.Although Shakespeare borrows the themes, characters and stories from the history of the ancient Greece and Greek mythology, the play-within-a-play structure shows his creations and his own work.As the workmen turn the tragic drama of the Athenian lovers into a comic farce by their awful performance, Oberon does the same when his fairy Puck accidentally put the love potion on eyes of the wrong Athenian man.This mistake causes the Athenian lovers experience an intensive misery, which also creates a comical situation.The workmen establish a very unlikely dramatic troupe.All of these characters appear comical because of their superficial characteristics and personal traits.The play-within-a-play structure serves the function of recapping many important themes of The first play-within-a-play is a performance of Pyramus and Thisbe played by the laborers.It is similar to the main play in many aspects including commons in the story of the Athenian lovers and some of the overall themes.Another play which can be considered as a second play-within-a-play is written by the Oberon, the King of all fairies.He creates a play in which the mortals are the performers.


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