Midieval Castle Parts Essay

Midieval Castle Parts Essay-10
The separate kitchen in the bailey was where food was made.It tended to be separate to the Hall because it needed to be big in order to make large meals for all the soldiers.

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Castles are some of the most powerful and influential structures of the middle ages.

Considered to be one of the strongest military centers, it also could support a large population without outside help.

The pioneering stone castles shared many similarities as the Motte and Bailey.

Similar to the Motte and Bailey, a ditch was cut out around the outside of the castle and was filled with water.

A castle's fortification was the key to its military strength and protection.

Using two independent systems of walls made a breach almost impossible.The Stables and Barn located in the bailey usually held all the farm animals such as cows and chickens and even goats.The Stables were located next to the barn, but the horses were kept separately from the rest of the barnyard animals.Not until the mid 13th century did Stone castles have surrounding walls. The Motte and Bailey was one of the simplest castles in Medieval Europe.The Bailey, also know as the courtyard, consisted of many structures.If an attacking army did breach the first wall, a second wall would stand in the way (The Columbian Encyclopedia).These walls would also help intimidate the attackers.The chapel, Barn, Stables, Hall and Kitchen were few of the many structures know to be built in the courtyard.The Chapel was a place were mass would have been held for people to go and pray.Small holes served as windows and arrow loops through which arrows could be fired but rarely fired into (The Columbian Encyclopedia). Long before men built such imposing structures as Harlech Castle, they constructed other simpler fortifications.


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