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From her earliest appearances on the 2008 campaign trail, it was clear that she possessed rare political gifts.” Without quite seeming to grasp the magnitude of her insult to the country her husband was seeking to lead, Cherlin recalls a particularly famous instance of Mrs. “For the first time in my adult lifetime,” she memorably said, “I’m really proud of my country.And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.” Cherlin is not dredging this up to admit that Obama might have had a tin ear or failed to appreciate the country pre-Obama.The response is classic Obama: patronizing, dishonest, syntactically muddled, and grammatically challenged.

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The first lady’s office, according to Cherlin, “can be a confining, frustrating, even miserable place to work.

Jealousy and discontentment have festered, as courtiers squabble over the allocation of responsibility and access to Mrs. Fueling these sentiments, according to former East Wing insiders, is the exacting but often ambivalent leadership style of the first lady herself.” Translation: it’s not really that pleasant to work for Mrs. Of course, the atmosphere described is not atypical in a high-powered office.

Its title (rather limited in scope, given the author and the campus) is "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community." To describe it as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be "read" at all, in the strict sense of the verb.

Obama was prompted to write by an earlier letter from a Mr.

—is a victim of the spirit-squelching job of being first lady.

What is most apparent from Cherlin’s article is that the Obama courtiers are very different from you and me. Only people who live in such an insular environment could believe, for example, that Pajama Boy—who, come to think of it, looks a little like he could be Mr.No, Cherlin focuses on “the backlash,” which was “predictable and swift.” Fancy that.“When Michelle Obama entered the White House in 2009, she attracted staffers eager to bring about the policy prescriptions that she had so forcefully advocated on the trail,” Cherlin writes.What is noticeable is that Cherlin doesn’t hold Mrs. The reason she is Teflon is…she is a lawyer, she has credentials. She is “really disciplined,” says a former staffer.But how really disciplined is she when it comes to intellectual matters?Despite such magic moments as when the first lady kale chip fed Jimmy Fallon, however, all was not well in the East Wing.While only briefly a Schake pit, the East Wing remains a snake pit.“To describe it as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb,” said the late Christopher Hitchens.But in the Obama world of credentials and right ideology, none of this is even noticed. Obama is a horrible boss is overlooked—or even unrealized in this unreal universe. Nowhere is this more poignant than at the end, when he recalls what might have been.“Those appearances won important attention for the first lady’s signature issues.” Am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s ironic that feeding kale chips to Jimmy Fallon is seen as a good thing? Schake is looking for a job, I wish her all the best.She now has the Cherlin piece as a glowing recommendation, no doubt.


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