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Though, the researchers used the numerical analyses by the quantitative methods in order to evaluate the conditions and the problem using statistical.

Though, the researchers used the numerical analyses by the quantitative methods in order to evaluate the conditions and the problem using statistical.The result is more reliable and objective because there are tools and techniques in the quantitative approach, in this, way the data or research become more explanatory in nature and the deep understating of the wealth of the shareholders based on the mergers and acquisitions is focused.There is the increase in the global competition because the companies are focused on the corporate environment; however, due to the competition in the market there are the results that the firms are competing in the competition.

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Synergies are combined for more benefits, resources and capacities.

Through the influence of the effective corporate performance there are greater and the efficient managements practices, and for the merger the effective production practice is focused to increase the market power.

there can be the situations of losses and the profit with the major implications, therefore, the major decisions need to take.

In the condition mergers or acquisitions, the companies need to decide that there is the need to sell their stocks or the company should retain their investments or funds (Baker & Kiymaz, 2011).

There is the Correlational research design so that the statistical relationship can be found in two or more variables, the uncover associations can be discovered and learn through significant research design (Mligo, 2016).

For the research model the secondary quantitative research is a focus in order to analyze the relationship, however, the number of mergers and acquisition is focused as the independent variables and the shareholder’s wealth is focused as the dependent variable.

The companies look for the capabilities and resources so that there could be the benefits and the potentials are combined with the suitable and the effective relationships.

Thus, for the benefit mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are using the common strategies in order to obtain the necessary capacities.

In the study, there is the comprehensive literature review and the research objectives with the quantitative methodology, the impact of the organizational corporate mergers on the wealth of the shareholders is focused on the research proposal in the proper coherent manner (Gaughan, 2010).

The mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are focused on the competitiveness as the contemporary corporate environment is evaluated because there can be constant changes and then the management perform according to the environment following in the industry.


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