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The change from unemployed to employed status can be stressful as a consequence of the return of a formulaic structure to days, heightened expectations, and tiredness.For those with mental health disabilities the short-term effects of such changes can be even more challenging.In addition, now that firms such as REMPLOY have closed, the focus of opportunities for disabled persons to find work has shifted even more markedly in favour of the private sector.

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Using face-to-face and focus group interviews, this study will contextualise existing secondary literature with the actual accounts of 30 people who have survived deliberate overdoses and live within Wolverhampton.

Through assessing the answers and comments garnered the researcher seeks to evaluate the extent to which the overdoses administered were realistic attempts to end life rather than being cries for help.

Noting thoughts of ‘revenge’ and ‘hatred’ as a consequence of the betrayal of his mother, newspapers have highlighted the psychological impact that divorce can have especially on boys when they feel that their mothers have been betrayed by the actions of their fathers.

Reviewing existing secondary literature and conducting primary interviews amongst both female and male students at the University of Portsmouth whose parents have divorced, this study will chart, using a Likert scale, the different recorded psychological effects of divorce on a sample group of 20.

Interviewing care profession also restrained by increasingly tight budgets and the carers themselves this is a qualitative piece of primary research that seeks to tell the ‘human story’ of the lives of carers.

Geographically specific, it is envisaged that this study will involve interviewing 30 full-time carers of spouses with mental health disabilities in Rotherham.Suggested initial topic reading: A study of the longer-term psychological effects of divorce upon the adult children of divorcees.Media attention following the fall from grace of the former cabinet minister Chris Huhne, has made especial note of the role that his son played in alerting the police and media to his father’s illegal action.Concentrating on those professional sportsmen who suffer ridicule in the press due to their fluctuations in their weight, and respond to such pressures by developing bulimia nervosa, this is a dissertation that combines the theory and practice of mental health with real life situations.Interviewing health care professionals as well as professional sportsmen who have suffered from (or are still suffering with) bulimia nervosa, this dissertation will not only comment on societal triggers but also proffer an array of agency-based intervention approaches that could be used, given the responses received from suffers, to further aid recovery.Graduate students who are (a) SEPI student members, (b) not members of the SEPI research committee, and (c) had a dissertation proposal approved by their university, but have not yet completed the project at the time of submission, are eligible.The topic of the dissertation must be related to psychotherapy integration—the integration of different theoretical orientations and/or the integration of research and practice.This included an online course that she developed for teaching members of a dyad how to “deliver” empirically supported integrative mental health interventions to each other in a peer-counseling program.Notably, Samantha received a prestigious pre-doctoral dissertation fellowship, from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support this innovative work.Awardees will summarize their work at a SEPI conference once the dissertation is complete. Her dissertation title is “Testing a skills training course for use in a peer-delivered mental health intervention” and focuses on the development and initial testing of a novel common factors intervention aimed at expanding the reach of mental health intervention through peer counseling.The 2018 winner of the dissertation award is Samantha L. Samantha independently devised a project to develop and test a novel intervention aimed at improving mental health, which she has termed “crowdsourcing mental health” (CMH).


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