Medical Transportation Business Plan

As a business, we will help eliminate our clients’ logistics problems by making these our own problems.

SWOT Analysis As a business, we believe that carrying out an inward as well as outward assessment will enable us to channel our resources and efforts to where they would be most effective.

Our scope will include major cities in Los Angeles.

Jamie Robby Medical Transportation Ltd will be very keen in providing quality services to both highly placed clients and lowly placed clients.

In addition to this, we will provide VIP services for important persons who may wish to use our services too.

Our workforce will consist of professionals with experience in the field of medical non-emergency transportation.

BUSINESS NAME: Jamie Robby Medical Transportation Ltd.

Executive Summary Jamie Robby Medical Transportation Ltd is a medical transportation business that has been fully registered and licensed as part of the necessary requirements for practising in Los Angeles, United States.

The following are the positions that will be filled in our business structure: Financial Plan Source of Startup Capital We will require a total of 0,000 to fully start up our medical transportation business in Los Angeles, United States.

We will obtain half of this startup capital from the owner, Jamie Robby.


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