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Pop culture essays don’t only raise interest in readers but also give students a chance to write about something they like.It’s easy for college students to create an essay based on something they talk about pretty much every day.

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Another reason why writing about popular culture is fun because this subject is extremely broad.

It includes many aspects of interest, such as music, fashion, current events, sports, celebrities, fitness, health, and so on.

At the same time, many students face difficulties with composing such type of essays.

They can’t decide which topic to choose, how to start talking about it, how to format the paper, or how to provide relevant examples.

But because popular culture is a rather broad phenomenon, many students feel confused and don’t know which topic to choose.

Also, because it is so widespread, it is hard to find a topic that could really stand out among other essays.Moreover, the Kardashians are the epitome of popular culture because their show and subsequent lifestyles reflect consumerist values, trivial pastimes and superficiality.Popular culture is a debated concept (Brown, 2011; Smith, 1999; Henry, 2008).Because pop culture is so widespread, it’s hard to find a good theme to discuss in the paper.Some readers might not find it interesting enough or unique.The Web is a great source as it contains countless articles and blog posts on the matter, but not all of the information there is relevant or true.You need to pick information carefully and thoroughly think about what quotes or examples you want to add to your essay.The first step to writing a good essay is, of course, choosing a topic.You can try asking your friends, classmates, and family what they are interested in.Smith (1999) suggests that popular culture constitutes values and norms that are promoted by the mass media and enjoyed by the majority of the population.Henry (2008) adds that popular culture is the mass publication and promotion of what is glitzy and superficial.


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